Exactly How Many Mares Died at Florida Embryo Transfer Facility?

I took another look at the article Florida reporter Fred Hiers filed on October 10 in the Ocala Star-Banner reporting that “scores” of horses had died in the previous 10 days at a Florida embryo transfer facility.  

The caption under the photograph of EquiTransfer owner and veterinarian Jose Davila that accompanied the article states 

DR. JOSE DAVILA stands in a stall with a customer’s mare Wednesday in Summerfield. Davila, owner of the Equi Transfer farm, said 50 mares had to be euthanized after eating tainted hay.

The article goes on to report that “as many as 100 horses died” at the facility.  

I find it odd that the numbers given are 50 and 100, as in the number of mares euthanized was “50” and the number that died was “100.”  I am not suggesting anything criminal happened at EquiTransfer.  I am just wondering how it came to be that “50” (and not 47 or 53, for example) horses were euthanized, and “at least 100” (and not 98 or 103, for example) horses died. 

Also, were all of the 100 or so mares who died or the 50 who were euthanized recipient mares?  Reports stated that EquiTransfer had “over 900 recipient mares” at two locations in Florida.  They also housed donor mares, such as the “customer’s mare” photographed behind Davila.  

If EquiTransfer also housed customer’s donor mares, how is it that none of the donor mares housed at the facility were fed or died from the poisoned haylage?  

If donor mares or foals were among the “more than 100” dead horses, why is there no outcry from owners?


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