Edmonton Lawyer Who Left Belle and Sundance Behind to Die Says He Did All He Could

The Edmonton lawyer who abandoned the two horses who were rescued by a group of volunteers from McBride, British Columbia on December 23, revealed his identity and gave an interview in which he said he did all he could for “Belle” and “Sundance” before he left them in the mountains to die.

Frank Mackay said the horses became “trapped” in thick underbrush on September 12 when he was using them to transport supplies to a friend walking The Great Divide Trail.  He said he left the horses behind along with his camp equipment and rode out on his own riding horse, expecting Belle and Sundance to walk out to a nearby road.  When the horses did not emerge by October, Mackay said he went looking for them.  He says he did not find them in October, but after local snowmobilers spotted them on December 3, he went back with five other men on December 6.  

Mackay says after he and his friends found the horses and concluded they were too weak to walk out, he gave them hay and Gatorade and bid them farewell.  He says he could not have euthanized them because he had no gun, but that he notified the local Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer.  Mackay says he injured his head when he “rolled” his truck while returning to Edmonton on December 6; that injury along with his weak legs left him unable to assist in rescue efforts.

Mackay wants the horses back.  McBride locals who rescued them are not so sure he should have them back.  Some think he should face charges for what he did or did not do for Belle and Sundance.

Did Frank Mackay do enough for Belle and Sundance?

If not, should Mackay be prosecuted for neglect?

Should Mackay have Belle and Sundance back?

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