Horses Abandoned in Mountains Near McBride Will Not Be Returned to Man Who Left Them There

Belle and Sundance, the horses abandoned in September 2008 on Mount Renshaw, British Columbia (B.C.) and rescued in the weeks before Christmas by volunteers from the nearby town of McBride will not be returned to Frank Mackay, the Edmonton, Alberta man who left them there to die of exposure and starvation, according to a January 20, 2009 … Continue reading

Epilogue on Horse Rescue Near McBride

Birgit Stutz is one of the 30-40 people who spent much of the week before Christmas 2008 helping to dig a nearly half-mile trench through up to eight feet of snow during the successful effort to rescue two horses near McBride, British Columbia, Canada. Frequent updates on the horses and the possible criminal case involving … Continue reading

More on Frank “Clueless” Mackay

The tale of Belle and Sundance, the horses rescued from near death by the heroes of McBride, B.C., after they were abandoned to the fates by the hapless, clueless Frank Mackay, an attorney from Alberta, has prompted a lot of debate.   Here is one view posted at the Prince George Citizen website on whether Mackay … Continue reading

Charges Will Be Filed Against Frank Mackay For Abandoning Belle and Sundance

The Edmonton, Alberta man who left his horses behind on the side of a mountain in British Columbia (B.C.) to “let nature takes its course” will face criminal charges according to an Edmonton Sun report.   Shawn Eccles, the chief animal protection officer for the B.C. Society for the Prevention of  Cruelty to Animals (“SPCA”), said … Continue reading