Epilogue on Horse Rescue Near McBride

Birgit Stutz is one of the 30-40 people who spent much of the week before Christmas 2008 helping to dig a nearly half-mile trench through up to eight feet of snow during the successful effort to rescue two horses near McBride, British Columbia, Canada.

Frequent updates on the horses and the possible criminal case involving their former owner Frank Mackay–who left the horses for dead in the mountains earlier in December–are posted at Stutz’s website for her Falling Star Ranch horse operation.

The site also has contact information to help ensure that the horses find a new home with a new owner who is not a proven bonehead like their former owner who now claims he “invested somewhere around $30,000” in the horses that he bought for $300 each.  Since one of the horses is only three years old and since he was using both horses as pack animals, that “$30,000” figure seems a bit “tall.”  It does somehow fit with all the other kooky comments the guy has made since he went public.

One Response to “Epilogue on Horse Rescue Near McBride”
  1. Hi there, I was the one who interviewed Mackay for the Edmonton Journal story.

    Mackay’s $30,000 figure, as far as I can tell, is the amount to replace the truck he flipped when returning to Edmonton in December. Doesn’t make too much sense to me… he presumably had insurance. But he also said he’d pay for volunteers expenses/labour.

    Of course, he also told me he had those horses since they were weaned. The $300 figure/slaughterhouse rescue came up later in the Fitzhugh.

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