Horses Abandoned in Mountains Near McBride Will Not Be Returned to Man Who Left Them There

Belle and Sundance, the horses abandoned in September 2008 on Mount Renshaw, British Columbia (B.C.) and rescued in the weeks before Christmas by volunteers from the nearby town of McBride will not be returned to Frank Mackay, the Edmonton, Alberta man who left them there to die of exposure and starvation, according to a January 20, 2009 report in the Edmonton Sun.

“We’ve reviewed the facts and we won’t be returning the horses to Mr. (Frank) Mackay,” said Debbie Goodine, the B.C. SPCA animal protection officer in charge of the case.

The horses will remain at a foster ranch in Prince George, B.C. pending final resolution of the matter.  

Mackay is entitled to file an appeal or injunction in response to the decision.  If he stays true to form, Mackay will file an opposition and will add the cost to his estimate of the amount he says he spent to save the horses.

The SPCA in Canada recommended to Canadian prosecutors that criminal charges be brought against Mackay.  The “Crown Council” of B.C. will decide whether to prosecute.


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