Land of the (Formerly) Free, Home of the (Once) Brave

The Pryor Mountain mustangs who were removed from their home by the federal government–that’s you and me–have all been adopted, according to the Cloud Foundation, the non-profit organization that advocates for them. ¬†Adoption by humans means the horses are not facing slaughter or euthanasia as a result of being rounded up, or at least not … Continue reading

Where Were BLM Director Abbey and Secretary Salazar During the “Gather?”

Where were our great leaders while this travesty was playing out in the Pryor Mountains? On September 4, 2009, Day Two of the BLM’s Pryor Mountain Mustang “gather,” BLM Director Bob Abbey and his boss Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar were all smiles in Lake Mead, Nevada, signing a deal to give $135 million … Continue reading

Bureau of Land Management Lied to American Public and Congress–Again

According to the Cloud Foundation weblog and observers on the ground in Montana, the Bureau of Land Management has reversed its earlier published intention to do a “selective removal” of all the horses driven down by helicopter from their Pryor Mountains home. ¬†The BLM now says it intends to do a “semi-selective” removal and reduce … Continue reading

“Just One” Horse Died As Direct Result of July BLM Roundup in Idaho

A breezy account by Todd Allen in the “Challis [Idaho] Messenger” publication online describes the deadly outcome of a Bureau of Land Management “gather” in Challis, Idaho earlier this summer. According to Allen, six horses died in the BLM “gather,” but “just one fatality”–a stallion who ran into a gate and broke his neck–can be … Continue reading

Helicopter “Gather” of Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Herd Begins in Montana

A 5:35 p.m. story today by reporter Brett French of the “Billings Gazette” states that the helicopter “gather” of the Pryor Mountain wild horse herd went forward as scheduled. There is no mention in French’s report of any change to previously announced plans for the herd by the Bureau of Land Management.