Helicopter Terrorists Paid Millions to Run Down Wild Horses

Imagine being chased by a helicopter piloted by a terrorist.  You run left and the helicopter follows on your heels.  You turn right and the helicopter tracks right.  You stop and the helicopter buzzes constantly just overhead until you are harassed into running again.  You start out running with your family but are soon separated from everyone you love.  Your children are scattered in every direction.  Your mother trips and falls behind you.  Your heart is pounding from exertion and panic, and your breath is raging in your chest.  You sweat and bleed as you stumble over rocks and tree roots, twisting ankles and knees, straining tendons and muscles, trying every which way to get out from under the whirling blades.

You realize the thing chasing you will not give up until you are exhausted or dead, and your heart breaks with the realization that a human being is deliberately doing this to you.

I wrote the first paragraph of this post before I found an eyewitness account of an actual helicopter pursuit of wild horses last month in Idaho that describes almost exactly this scenario.  And it is happening again this very day.

Today–if the Bureau of Land Management has not been stopped–horses at the border of Wyoming and Montana are being run down by the BLM’s hired gun helicopter millionaires as they take to the air to “round up” the Pryor herd in Montana/Wyoming.

The use of the term “round up” is just one of the cute euphemisms (others are “muster” or “gather”) the BLM uses to cloak it’s relentless campaign to remove wild horses and burros from public land.

Helicopter contractor Dave Cattoor, proud holder of an exclusive “no-bid” contract to herd horses by helicopter, insists the process is “safe” for horse and human; akin to “moving cattle.”

But experienced cattle movers such as the one who posted this report at “Cattle Today Online” argue convincingly against using methods that cause cattle to panic and run.  Here is an eyewitness account of what really happens to panicked horses during a helicopter “gather.”

The BLM likes to employ cowboy imagery and the language of preservationists, but the agency’s decision to continue using helicopters to panic horses into running so they can be captured and culled shows that it cannot be trusted to “manage” the wild horse and burro herds.

Whatever you believe about wild horses and burros on public land, they belong to us–the American public–and not to the BLM or to the helicopter contractors who have been paid millions of our tax dollars to do something most of us have no difficulty seeing as inhumane.  Using helicopters to force horses to run is simply wrong.  No rational justification can be made for it except expedience and thrill.  Citing concerns about public safety, the BLM will not allow the public to observe this atrocity, but the real reason is the public would be outraged if they saw what a helicopter “round up” looks like through the horse’s eyes.

Future generations will condemn us for allowing it to happen on our watch.

Write to President Obama now and beg him to put a stop to the terror campaign that we have been conducting against wild horses and burros.  Click here and write now to send a message to the President.

We need to be as relentless as the helicopters to put a stop to this.






One Response to “Helicopter Terrorists Paid Millions to Run Down Wild Horses”
  1. Christina says:

    Sad and criminal …

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