Bureau of Land Management Lied to American Public and Congress–Again

According to the Cloud Foundation weblog and observers on the ground in Montana, the Bureau of Land Management has reversed its earlier published intention to do a “selective removal” of all the horses driven down by helicopter from their Pryor Mountains home.  The BLM now says it intends to do a “semi-selective” removal and reduce the size of the remaining herd to 120 horses.

A reduction to this level amounts to genocide.  The herd will not be able to sustain itself at these numbers.  The BLM is callously disregarding its own published plan in favor of an ad hoc “culling” that will decimate the herd.  The national media that was present at the beginning of the “gather” have left and the BLM is accelerating the “processing” of the horses, moving independent observers back and strong-arming people on the ground into signing “Volunteer Employee” agreements that effectively removes the independent status of the observers and makes them federal employees.  That guarantees control of images and statements.

Stalin could not have designed a better way to trample individual rights.  Why is the administration asleep at the wheel?

Hello, President Obama, officer of the court, professor of constitutional law.  WAKE UP!!!


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