Where Were BLM Director Abbey and Secretary Salazar During the “Gather?”

Where were our great leaders while this travesty was playing out in the Pryor Mountains?

On September 4, 2009, Day Two of the BLM’s Pryor Mountain Mustang “gather,” BLM Director Bob Abbey and his boss Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar were all smiles in Lake Mead, Nevada, signing a deal to give $135 million to the state of Nevada for “federal improvement projects.”  Happy days and lollipops at Lake Mead for the “good ‘ole boys” while families of mustangs were being driven down the Pryor Mountains in Montana by helicopters in 90 degree heat.

That’s Secretary Salazar, seated with the cowboy hat, Senator Harry Reid standing at the left and BLM Director Bob Abbey standing at the right (that’s not a horn coming out of Abbey’s head or wait maybe it is).


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