Call for Moratorium on Round-Ups

The Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA), a coalition of groups and individuals who are dedicated to ending slaughter of American horses and to protecting wild horses and burros on public lands, has issued a press release calling for an immediate moratorium on wild horse round-ups. Despite the public outcry against removal of wild horses and burros … Continue reading

Paul Revere, Brown Betty and the War Against the American Horse

The war against American horses has created some strange alliances.  Democrats such as Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar, U.S. Senator from Nevada Harry Reid and former U.S. Representative from Texas Charles Stehholm (now lobbyist for foreign horse meat producers) find themselves on the side of the horse killers together with Republicans such as former U.S. … Continue reading

Turnabout: Interior Secretary Salazar is on the Run

This week, the Department of the Interior attempted to divert public attention from the Bureau of Land Management’s appalling mis-management of America’s free roaming horses and mustangs. In a hastily conceived “conference call” and press release, BLM Director Abbey and Secretary of the Interior Salazar announced an “initiative” to create seven new “preserves” in the … Continue reading

America’s 100 Years War Against Wild Horses and Burros

I did not start out against horse slaughter.  I did not want to watch the footage of what goes on inside slaughterhouses.  I did not like the antics of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  I did not want to give up horseback riding.  I ate meat.  Not horsemeat, but beef and pork.  In … Continue reading

Horses and the Human Fear of Nature

I have written before about the fear and domination aspect of so many horse “training” programs, including “natural horsemanship” techniques.  Stand outside the horse world for a moment.  Look at the use of tools such as whips, spurs and chains.  Look at the way we confine and punish horses.  When does a “correction” become a … Continue reading