Paul Revere, Brown Betty and the War Against the American Horse

The war against American horses has created some strange alliances.  Democrats such as Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar, U.S. Senator from Nevada Harry Reid and former U.S. Representative from Texas Charles Stehholm (now lobbyist for foreign horse meat producers) find themselves on the side of the horse killers together with Republicans such as former U.S. Senator from Montana Conrad Burns (now lobbyist for the American Quarter Horse Association) and Wyoming state representative Sue Wallis (working to bring horse slaughter facilities to your neighborhood).  

Where is our charismatic, compassionate President Obama on this issue?  

Why have the wild horse and burro round-ups and anti-horse rhetoric increased instead of slowing down or stopping since the last presidential election? 

It is time for the President to stop the wild horse and burro round-ups, take a stand against horse slaughter and end America’s war against equines.

The thread that unites the lobbyists, bureaucrats, Democrats and Republicans with the killers is a concern that laws protecting horses from slaughter might be extended to protect cows, sheep and pigs from slaughter.  The “horse as proxy” and “slippery slope” concerns underlie the hollow justifications raised by horse killers and their apologists to support their arguments that Americans should be in the business of raising and slaughtering horses for export of horse meat to Japan, France and other countries where horsemeat is consumed.  

The Animal Law Coalition’s Laura Allen posted a comprehensive article debunking the widely circulated lie that closing slaughter houses led directly to an increase in abandoned horses. 

Are horse meat farms and domestic slaughter houses the final indignities that Americans will inflict on the innocent and brave horses that have walked with us, carried us and pulled our carriages and plows since the early days of the Republic?

What would Paul Revere’s warning have been without “Brown Betty,” the mare he rode to warn patriots that the “British Are Coming?”

Please watch this video entitled “An American Horse,” that was created by John Holland, an American human being who believes American equines deserve better than slaughter.  There are graphic images at the conclusion of the video. 


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