Call for Moratorium on Round-Ups

The Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA), a coalition of groups and individuals who are dedicated to ending slaughter of American horses and to protecting wild horses and burros on public lands, has issued a press release calling for an immediate moratorium on wild horse round-ups.

Despite the public outcry against removal of wild horses and burros from public lands and perhaps because of increasing media attention to this injustice, the Bureau of Land Management has accelerated round-ups (what they call “gathers”) of wild horses and burros.

The concern expressed by the EWA and others is that without a moratorium there will be no wild horses and burros left on public land by the time legislation purporting to protect them–such as the R.O.A.M. Act currently before the U.S. Senate, and the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act reintroduced this year–is passed.


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