Counting Coup at the Calico Complex

The Absarokee (“children of the Large-Beaked Bird”) tribe of the Plains Indians of North America–misnamed the “Crow” by Europeans traders–reportedly followed a tradition of planting a coup-stick, a slender branch shaped like a shepherd’s staff, and counting coup as an essential part of their culture. According to Jonathan Lear, author of the book Radical Hope:  Ethics … Continue reading

Mustangs: As Much Right to Live as Anybody

We Americans love our french fries.  Though consumption has fallen in recent years due to concerns about health and obesity, in 2001 we each consumed over 29 pounds of frozen potato products–mostly fast food french fries.  We also love our wild horses, even as we turn a blind eye to their threatened extinction, but until recently, I … Continue reading

Black Friday for America and Our Wild Horses and Burros

The round-ups, harassment, branding, castration and sterilization of wild horses and burros by the people charged with protecting them continues at an accelerated pace. More helicopters haze and drive the horses into capture pens where they are separated from mates and siblings, the stallions cut, the mares injected and put into holding pens where they … Continue reading