Black Friday for America and Our Wild Horses and Burros

The round-ups, harassment, branding, castration and sterilization of wild horses and burros by the people charged with protecting them continues at an accelerated pace. More helicopters haze and drive the horses into capture pens where they are separated from mates and siblings, the stallions cut, the mares injected and put into holding pens where they await human decisions about their fate.

While wild horses run from helicopters, Walmart advertises discounts on overpriced goods for Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.  Oprah Winfrey interviews a woman who survived an attack by a primate, and the question of whether or not Sammy Sosa bleached his skin tops search lists.  The 2009 CMA Award Show has over 16 million viewers but as of today (11/19/09) only 4,000 people have signed a petition to stop the round-ups (the petition needs 12,000 signatures) to give scientists (not bureaucrats) a chance to look at the long-term impact on these protected animals before they are rounded-up to extinction.

Susan Boyle sings about them.  Their image is used to advertise everything from automobiles to housing developments to sports teams.  As an icon or image, we cannot get enough of them.  But the actual, living, breathing animals are a “problem” needing a “final solution.”

President Obama appears indifferent to the fate of the wild horse and burro bands as repeated pleas to the White House go unanswered.

Obama’s appointee Ken Salazar is in the pocket of interests–including energy, ranching and the “kill ’em to save ’em” environmentalists–that want to see the wild horses and burros off of public land.  Once the equines are gone, nothing stands between these interests and the land they so desperately want to grab from American taxpayers.

Senator Harry Reid sold out the horses and burros years ago with the Burns Amendment that sneaked in a rider to an appropriation’s bill to give the equine’s so-called “protectors” (the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service) the “tool” they so crave–the go-ahead the send tens of thousands of protected horses and burros to slaughter.

Now “Dirty Harry” Reid is selling out American women’s reproductive rights with another back room deal called the Stupak Amendment.  At stake is nothing less than freedom.  Freedom for the horses and burros to roam, form family bands and reproduce.  Freedom for women to choose whether or not we want to reproduce.

Wake up America.  Grab control of your destiny.  Before it is too late.


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