Part One of Three: Whoa there, Kenny.

First, a disclaimer.  I am no cynic.  I believe, as self-described optimist Viggo Mortensen (in the December issue of Los Angeles magazine) says he believes that historical facts and genuine, selfless courtesy eventually rise to the surface . . . It’s never over until it is over, and we can always do something good. My … Continue reading

Free the BLM and Congress!

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is under fire by conservation groups in his home state of Colorado for his decision to allow drilling on the Roan Plateau to proceed on oil and natural gas leases that were issued in a “fire sale” of leases in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming in the last minutes of the Bush administration. … Continue reading

Frank Mackay Pleads Guilty, Pays a Fine, Apologizes to McBride

The Edmonton lawyer who left three horses to die in the British Columbia wilderness near McBride in the weeks before Christmas last year, pled guilty recently to a charge of animal cruelty.  According to a December 6, 2009, story in the Edmonton Journal Mackay pleaded guilty in McBride provincial court Friday to causing or permitting … Continue reading

Respect the Horse

We civilized people hit horses.  We kick horses.  We shoot horses and slaughter horses and eat horses.  We push them around with helicopters and ATVs and trucks and other horses and bags on sticks.  We “send them away” and haul them around.  Even people who like horses, heck, even people who claim to love horses … Continue reading

Herd Behavior: Leadership and Power

Horses, like humans, are social creatures.  Humans who study horse behavior talk a lot about herd behavior and leadership. Horse trainers, whisperers, cowboys and cowgirls will say you need to be the leader of the horse or the horse will not respect you, but they differ widely in how they define leadership.  Some say there … Continue reading