Six Mustangs Shot and Killed: Is Anybody Out There Listening?

Six mustangs were apparently shot and killed near Susanville, California, sometime in the last few weeks.  According to a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) December 7, 2009, press release, the “carcasses” of the wild horses were “discovered” on December 5, 2009, by a helicopter pilot working on a “gather” in the Buckhorn Herd Management Area (HMA).

The BLM’s Cedarville, California, office is investigating and has asked the public to come forward with information that may lead to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of whomever shot and killed the federally protected wild horses.

We have been here before.  People have been killing wild horses and burros for years and the BLM cannot seem to do anything to stop it or to identify and prosecute the people responsible.

After months of hearing people talk about the “problem” of “unwanted horses” and the “solution” of slaughter, I am not surprised that there is no great public demand to find the killers of six equids, even federally-protected ones.  What is surprising is that there has been no mention of these killings on any of the websites of organizations working to save wild horses and burros.

A copy of the BLM press release has been sent to the Cloud Foundation, to Madeleine Pickens‘ organization, to the Straight From The Horse’s Heart website and to many other wild horse and burro advocates.  So far, there has been no mention of the killings anywhere but on the the wildhorsewarriors blog, on, on out of Chico, California, and at in Nevada.

As long as there is silence, important evidence may be lost.  It has already been weeks since the killings, according to the BLM.  How much longer do the horses need to wait for justice?

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