Sheldon No “Refuge” for Horses and Burros or for Their Advocates

A discovery by Leslie Peeples of what she described as “freshly dug” and “recently covered” horse graves on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada drew an offhand response from Refuge manager Paul Steblein of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.  Steblein said the burial pits date back to roundups in the 1940’s when … Continue reading

Pickens “Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary:” Good Enough for Government Work?

Wild Horses in Holding

LARKSPUR, Ca. — Madeleine Pickens recently announced that after “three days” of meetings “in Sacramento [California] and Washington, D.C.” with the Director of the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Bob Abbey, Deputy Director of the BLM Mike Pool and “the Wild Horse and Burro team,” the BLM has “officially agreed to support … Continue reading

Cold and Distant Killing

September 15, 2010 Larkspur, Ca. – A Nevada state judge yesterday declined to rule from the bench in the case of the “Creech 14.”  Judge William Jansen said “This case has a lot more consequences than a trespass case,” and told “a packed courtroom” that he would  a written decision in two to three months after … Continue reading