Horse Slaughter Cannot Happen Here Again

The horse slaughter industry has dragged it’s bloody, putrid carcass back onto American soil.  Now, instead of arguing free enterprise or the right to do business as they please, slaughter proponents are making the case for this reprehensible act by claiming it is in the horses’s best interest.  What is worse, most journalists are parroting this cruel lie without any investigation or examination.

For the record, then, horse slaughter is:

not better than starving (both are heinous and avoidable)

not “more humane” in the U.S. (it is inhumane everywhere)

barely regulated anywhere, including the U.S.

violent for horse victims and for human workers and their families

terrifying for horses, no matter how sanitized or controlled (even Temple Grandin agrees)

horrible for the communities where slaughterhouses operate

also horrible for our larger community of people who should, and do, know better

only beneficial for a tiny number of people who profit from the abuse, exploitation and killing of horses.


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