Cold and Distant Killing

September 15, 2010 Larkspur, Ca. – A Nevada state judge yesterday declined to rule from the bench in the case of the “Creech 14.”  Judge William Jansen said “This case has a lot more consequences than a trespass case,” and told “a packed courtroom” that he would  a written decision in two to three months after … Continue reading

Federal Contractor Admits Shooting Horses from Helicopters

August 4, 2010, Larkspur, CA – In an article published today by reporter Steven Long of  Horseback Magazine (“Plenty of Water”), federal contractor Sue Cattoor of Cattoor Livestock Roundups, acknowledged that her husband, federal contractor Dave Cattoor, shoots and kills wild horses with a high-powered rifle from his helicopter.  According to Sue Cattoor, The horse found by … Continue reading

“For Many Years to Come” but Not for Good

An opinion piece published in the Reno Gazette Journal (RGJ) on August 1, 2010, by Bob Abbey, Director of the BLM, BLM’s goal is to enable healthy horses and burros to thrive on public lands, concludes with the usual blah, blah about the BLM’s commitment to “healthy herds on healthy land,” but adds a twist–an apparent time … Continue reading

Myths and Misses All Around the Wild Horse and Burro Arena

Published July 30, 2010 LARKSPUR, Ca. – The public relations machine at the Bureau of Land Management  (“BLM”) of the United States Department of Interior (“DOI”) favors certain words, including “myth”, “activists,” “management,” “appropriate,” “reality” and “multiple use.”  They pop up over and over again in the BLM’s public statements about the Wild Horse and … Continue reading

Free the Horse, Free the Human

Pegasus, the great winged horse, sired by the sea-god Poseidon and foaled by Medusa (whose name means “guardian, protectress” and not “snake-headed lady”) was also descended from Gaia (“Mother Earth”) and Chaos–the god of darkness (pantheism), matter created by God (monotheism) or primordial matter, the beginning of time (scientism).  At any rate, it is said of Poseidon … Continue reading